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Lust: Are We Willing to Do What It Takes?

Let me be frank—the large majority of Christian men, whether married or not, and many Christian women, whether married or not, are struggling with sexual lust. Many of these men and women feel defeated, dirty, guilty, and alone. And all … Continue reading

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Let’s Rethink: “You Can’t Resist Sin on Your Own”

In 1972 I was a high school sophomore struggling to keep my lusts under control. Back then a famous teacher (he’s still famous) was all the rage so I got a tape of his that had to do with controlling … Continue reading

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Must You Be Willing to Die for Christ? Yes!

I know a young, married mother of two who one day found out that cancer had metastasized throughout her body. She right away started emailing out her status to those she knew (which—thanks to her—I also did when years ago … Continue reading

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How Can You Know You Will Never Fall?

Three weeks ago Scott asked about my post, “Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? Yes and No,” whether, then, any of us “can ever rest peacefully assured of our own salvation?” The gist of his question (here) is based on the … Continue reading

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