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Christians Should Be More Accepting?

So many tell us that Christians should be more accepting of homosexuality. Yesterday, in fact, I listened to Andrew Wilson debate Rob Bell on the UK Unbelievable? radio program about homosexuality and the church. Bell was asked to explain the justification … Continue reading

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Why I Look Forward to Eternity

Some of the devil’s dirtiest deeds regard his doctrinal distortion of Heaven. He’s made it sound like a place no one would want to go. After all, who wants to sport flightless wings, sit on a cloud, strum a harp, … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Run From “Apologetics”

Someone suggested recently that perhaps our apologetics program should change its name to something less confrontational—like “religious studies”—so that it would be more palatable to non-Christians. Upon hearing that, Craig and I rent our garments, threw dust on our heads, … Continue reading

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Let’s Connect the Moral Dots for “Good” Non-Christians

I ask my classes, “Why do gangbangers ever stop at red lights?” Some students suggest that they don’t want to be caught by the police. Sure. That might motivate them sometimes. But isn’t the real reason they stop that they … Continue reading

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Did Peter and Paul Die for Their Belief that Jesus Rose?

On 27 September I posted a blog entitled “My 200 Word Resurrection Witness.” My 200 word witness ended with this: “So here’s my question: if Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead, then why would the first disciples die for what … Continue reading

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My 200 Word Resurrection Witness

I mentioned two weeks ago that I would share my 200 word resurrection witness (it’s actually a little shorter). I use this constantly. Often someone will ask me what apologetics is (that happens a lot). And here’s my reply: In … Continue reading

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Sharing Only God’s Love Is Confused

I’ve often heard Christians say that when witnessing Christians should “just share the love of God,” meaning: don’t talk about hell or judgment. In this context I have also heard things like, “you can’t draw flies without honey” and “I … Continue reading

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Arguing Doesn’t Do Any Good? Sure It Does!

We’ve all heard someone say, “People shouldn’t argue.” Well, my answer to that is to ask, “Can you give me some reasons for why you believe that?” Of course the reason is: “because arguing doesn’t do any good.” To this … Continue reading

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