Prepared Defense 2.0

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$12.00 interactive apologetics software for Windows*
Available from Biola University.

Prepared Defense is an interactive apologetics program designed to give the Christian almost immediate answers to many of the toughest questions Christians are asked. The program provides succinct answers from some of the world’s most skilled apologists to questions about truth, the Bible, the resurrection, Darwinism, why God allows evil, and terrible acts done in the name of Christ—Crusades, inquisitions, witch-hunts, slavery, Nazi Christians, and the oppression of women.

The answers are intended to be brief, but accurate, arranged for quick access by category, and arranged in order of gretest suasion and impact first. Prepared Defense provides links to some of the best online resources, enabing the user to be just “one click” away from further argumentation or documentation. Note: if you have a ministry related need but finances are tight, please email me.

*Requires Windows XP or higher. Apple users require a CHM viewer such as iCHM.

Why God Allows Evil

  • Evil & Suffering. Apologetics 315 interview on May 17, 2010.
  • Human Evil and Suffering (pdf). This is a slightly modified paper I presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. In it I examine the theology, examples (warning: there is some unsettling information in this section), studies, reflections of researchers and victims, and what the Scripture says about human goodness and evil. I encourage you to read it. I end it with twelve ways a deeper understanding of human sinfulness benefits the Christian.




The following podcasts are from Apologetics 315.

Blogger Papa Giorgio combined the three podcasts into a single format here:


How I Study the Bible

Here’s an example of how I study the Bible that goes with the blog, How I Study the Bible and Love It.

About Me

  • Journey of Childlessness. If you’d like to know more about me and what I’ve gone through, you can visit my wife’s article about our not being able to have children and her journey to finding contentment.