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Were There Any Innocent Canaanites?

In my last post I wrote that God ordered the capital punishment of the inhabitants of the land God had given Israel because they were guilty of depravity and violence. The Canaanites heard of the miraculous approach of the Israelites … Continue reading

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Was the Destruction of the Canaanites Just?

In recent years, much has been said and written about the Lord ordering Israel to destroy the Canaanites. This is largely because the new atheists proclaim it as “divine genocide.” But it’s not just a problem for Christianity’s detractors. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Killing the Canaanites

Richard Dawkins and other new atheists herald God’s ordering of the destruction of Canaanite cities to be divine “ethnic cleansing” and “genocides.”1 With righteous indignation, Dawkins opines that the God of the Old Testament is “the most unpleasant character in … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand—The Bad

Yesterday I said there was some good in Ayn Rand’s work. Today we look at the bad. This blog post is longer and more sobering given the issues involved. Rand was an atheist and as such she failed to take … Continue reading

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