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Self-Worth, Ministry, and Misery—4

We can deliver the best sermons, teach the best apologetics lectures, or write the most respected books but if we don’t do it from love, then from God’s perspective, we “gain nothing”? That is what it says, right? Continue reading

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Self-Worth, Ministry, and Misery—2

I ended yesterday’s post telling about my ministerial jealousy and how I became very tired. In fact, I got so tired that I would wake up, have breakfast, and take a nap. Then I’d wake up, have lunch, and take … Continue reading

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How to Start an Apologetics Ministry in Your Church

Over the years I’ve talked with many people who have successfully started apologetics ministries in their churches and others who tried but failed. What follows are some suggestions on how to start an apologetics ministry (these suggestions apply to other … Continue reading

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Who Will Be Greatest?

Last week I talked about the folly of basing your ministry success on the worldly point of view. Related to that is a mistaken notion that troubles many Christians: that they might be way down towards the bottom rung when … Continue reading

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Self-Worth and Ministry

Being born in October, I entered kindergarten as a four-year-old and, as a result, I wasn’t as physically or intellectually capable as the other students. In fact, I didn’t feel like I was able to, in some sense, catch up, … Continue reading

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