Can a Christian Commit Suicide and Go to Heaven? Maybe, Maybe Not

Not long after a famous Christian leader’s son took his life, I was speaking at a church in Carlsbad, California, on “Crusades, Inquisitions, Witch-hunts, Slavery, and the Oppression of Women.” After my presentation, I took questions and the first question was from a slender, 40 something brunette. She asked, “Can a Christian commit suicide and […]

Photo of Christians on knees in Syria about to be beheaded by Isis. God uses suffering to prove us.

God Uses Suffering to Prove Us

In the last two posts we’ve seen that God uses suffering to protect us, and we’ve seen that God uses suffering to purify us. In this post, we come to an often underappreciated aspect of how God uses suffering in our lives for our good: God uses suffering to prove us. Proverbs 17:3 says, “The […]

God Uses Suffering to Purify Us

In my last post, we saw how God uses suffering to protect us from future harm. Related to that, in this post we’ll see how God uses suffering to purify us. This, of course, is folly to the non-Christian. Only those who, as Jesus said, “hunger and thirst after righteousness” (Matthew 5:6) will understand this […]

Photo of boy frustrated from studying

God Uses Suffering to Protect Us

As I mentioned in my second post on suffering, for us to triumph in suffering we need to know what God is seeking to accomplish in and through us by our suffering. If we don’t know why we’re suffering, then suffering will be insufferable. But it’s amazing what people can endure if they think suffering […]

The Origin of Suffering

One thing confusing many Christians is the origin of suffering. In my last post I explained the inevitability of suffering. But why do we suffer in the first place? Many Christians see suffering as contrary to God’s plan for their lives. Indeed, I grew up involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, now Cru, and I […]

How We Can Triumph in Suffering